Striving for Individuality

Regular readers of FashionBeans will already understand the importance of paying attention to the finer details and accessorising their outfits. With many males shopping on the high street and from the same online stores, it has become imperative in order to stand out from the crowd.

There are many ways you can achieve this individuality within your outfits – choice of materials, textures, colours and accessories being the major considerations. Today, we are going to introduce to you a new way of finding those unique men’s accessories that are rare and one of a kind – the kind of items that will differentiate your outfit from the guy standing next to you. is a relatively new retailer within the online space but they are certainly making a name for themselves. They bring collections from immensely talented, up and coming designers from all over the world into one unique shopping experience. It their own words:

“The collection of unique jewellery and accessories from over 230+ independent designers from 40 countries is carefully edited by Boticca’s team of stylists, fashion editors and bloggers, specialising in scouting raw talent.

Our team scours the world looking for the very best emerging designers and puts them all in one place, so that everyone can experience the joy of that rare find and discover the unique stories of these fascinating people and their pieces.”

What this means for you is that you can find some amazing and unique accessories – from ties and jewellery to neckwear and bags – and purchase them all securely from one website. You could find an amazing knitted wool tie from the US, a neckerchief from Denmark and a beautiful leather bag from London in the very same visit. All from designers who are trying to make a name for themselves by producing something the current market doesn’t offer.

Read on to see some of the designers currently featured on the Boticca site…

Example Collections

You can see the full men’s accessories collection curated from the team of experts at Bottica right here:

And here are some of the FashionBeans team favourites – from the most interesting to the most unique…


Jupe Hand Embroidered Ties and Bow Ties

FROM: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jupe produces some beautiful hand-embroidered ties and bow ties that you would never find on the high street. Inspired by India’s famous hand-embroidery techniques, they even offer you something different to the traditional silk printed versions that you would find at premium design houses.

The designer himself has a commendable focus on providing the wearer with something different – something with some personality that you are not going to see everyday:

“Jupe has been developed with emphasis on style. The brand is growing organically, with a focus on individuality… Jupe’s unisex pieces are made of silk and peppered with personality.”

  • Fully Chique
  • Trow Black & Blue
  • Silver Beauty Butterfly
  • Boules Black
  • Margareta White
  • Silver Touch on Green
White Horse Trading Company

White Horse Trading Company Ties

FROM: Rocky Mountains, United States

The White Horse Trading company specialises in some amazing bold coloured and patterned ties. Not only that but the textures and materials used are superb. Heavy knitted wools, denim, linen and even duck cloth are all present, combining unique style with interesting textures that will give any outfit some depth. We particularly love the denim and thick wool ties they produce – which at just £70 are a worthwhile investment for any formal wardrobe.

We believe that by using more utilitarian fabrics such as duck cloth, denim, linen and wool, a tie can be worn gracefully to just about any occasion. With heavy influences from American Heritage brands and traditional Navajo art and trade blankets, our wares can keep pace with a board room, the hunting field, a bomber jacket and boots, or even a finely tailored suit. Express your rugged side with ease.

  • Dead Pawn Pendleton Wool Serape Tie
  • Hunter's Orange Duck Cloth Tie
  • Brown Duck Cloth Tie
  • Cone Mills Denim Tie
  • Green and Cream Hickory Stripe Duck Cloth Tie
  • Red Hickory Stripe Duck Cloth Tie

Andtie Neckwear - The Scarf/Tie Hybrid

FROM: Copenhagen, Denmark

Andtie was one of the most interesting products we came across when browsing the site. It is a mix between a tie and a scarf – yes, you did read that right – and even though the concept might seem slightly ‘out there’, the execution is actually surprisingly good. Of course, you would never actually wear one off these as a tie, it is just one of those unique ideas that can give your outfits that spark of creativity. Utilise them with t-shirts (as seen in the images above), in order to liven up and add some intrigue to your everyday looks.

Our reinvention of the classical Tie and scarf, The Andtie is a wonderfully innovative new high quality accessory for indoor and outdoor wear. Like nothing seen before, the Andtie is a way to look great for a party or keep warm on an evening stroll in a white world. The Andtie is the story of our idea coming true. When we held the first meeting of the innovation bureau Pral & Brok in October 2009, creative ideas were pitched en masse – by the end of the night one remained.

  • Black & Striped Andtie unisex scarf tie
  • Grey & Striped Andtie unisex scarf tie
  • Blue & Checkered Andtie unisex scarf tie
  • Blue Haze Andtie (Unisex)
  • Traffic Checkered Andtie (Unisex)
  • Brown HerringBone Andtie (Unisex)

STNTN Men's Neckwear

FROM: New York City, United States

The STNTN collection was one of the favourites within the FashionBeans office. There was a rise in the popularity of the neckerchief this spring/summer, and the STNTN neckwear line offers something slightly different, and a little bit more refined. A cross between a tie, bow tie and neckerchief, this interesting selection of neckwear is tied like bowtie underneath the shirt collar, but then creates its own distinct styling at the front. Hard to describe, but check the out the images above to see how they can offer your outfits that touch of flair and individuality you have been striving for.

STNTN is a neckwear line created by husband and wife, Stanton and Rubi Jones. STNTN’s d├ębut collection is inspired by ties worn in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that we found while browsing the New York Public Library’s photo archives. Every piece is crafted in New York City from US-made organic fabrics and named for the year that the inspiration photo was taken. Worn as an alternative to traditional neckwear, STNTN ties can be dressed up or down to create a subtle statement of individuality.

  • 1952 Grey Tie
  • 1910 Black Tie
  • 1910 Navy Tie
  • 1897 Navy Tie
  • 1897 White Tie
  • 1896 Black Tie
Alan Hayden London

FROM: London, United Kingdom
SPECIALISES IN: Bags & Bespoke Accessories

Alan Hayden specialises in superb leather bags and 21st century lifestyle accessories such as iPod holders, MacBook Air sleeves, and smart phone cases. He likes to create bespoke pieces that are completely unique to the buyer – send him a specification and he will create something that is tailored exactly to your personal style and/or lifestyle.

I sit down with clients and design bespoke accessories to their individual requirements. I enjoy creating bespoke leather goods using leather, silver, hallmarks and diamonds. I specialise in engraving the clients name into the product. Each item is named after the person I designed it for. You can contact me to create a bespoke item for you.

  • Alan Hayden Daniel Bag
  • Alan Hayden Christian Leather Carry On
  • Maria Pony Skin Cocktail Bag
  • Alan Hayden Lena Tote Black Pony Non Personalised
  • Alan Hayden Leslie Leather Wallet Personalised
  • Alan Hayden Christian Wallet Leather & Diamonds
SuperDuper Hats

SuperDuper Hats

FROM: Florence, Italy

A hat can become a trademark and define your personal style. Good head wear is hard to find, and many men shy away from utilising such statement pieces within their looks – we are talking about your iconic Fedoras, Trilbies, Pork Pie hats and the like, NOT your knitted beanie. However, SuperDuper hats is a collection of head wear that is refreshingly different. Every single piece is hand made and constructed using premium materials. In the end, this means you can be sure you are receiving a one off piece that will represent YOU and your personal style. Whether you are looking for a fedora, bowler or trilby – or something really fashion forward – you are sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your existing wardrobe.

Every SuperDuper hat is totally handmade by Matteo, Veronica and Ilaria. SuperDuper exists because our hands work with care for hours, transforming a high quality raw material in an authentic handcraft product. A hat becomes a SuperDuper only if we are truly satisfied with the final result and if we are the first ones willing to wear it.

  • SamBlue
  • WideOpenRoad
  • Bogey
  • Colonial
  • HayRide
  • Rudolph
Boticca: Perfect For Gifts

Of course, Boticca does not only showcase men’s accessories – it predominantly features women’s accessories and jewellery – making it perfect for finding a truly unique and one off gift for your partner, friends or family. You are sure to pick up a present that will not only look great but have some real thought and effort behind it.

The recipient will recognise that you didn’t just walk into the first high street store you came across, but literally scoured the world for the perfect item that compliments not only their personal style, but their individual personality and taste.

With over 5,200 different pieces currently listed on site – Boticca is the perfect destination for gifts this Holiday Season.