Vans X APC Collaboration

Your shoes are what walk you in to any situation. Your patent loafers, which are never seen before dark, are in equal value to your derby brogues, which are never seen after. But on what scale of value are casual shoes measured?

“We often neglect or only mention briefly another style that has been with us for years but never really been in or out of fashion. You could call them an unconscious clothing staple; something we all own and need but have never really thought of as very stylish and fashionable.”Will Colman, Men’s Trainers – The Guide & Lookbook on

When A.P.C. chose to retail Vans footwear in their stores it was an embodiment of a long standing mutual respect between the two brands. To mix the heritage of one brand, with the minimalistic purity of the other.

It’s an amorous affiliation that developed into the creation of an exclusive product line, celebrating the very qualities that both synonymously bring to the table in their own, and very different ways. A latitude of elegance, represented in colour and style.

The collection is evident of a Jean Touitou touch – his minimalist designs have been the accolade of the maximal fashion industry since he created the first Atelier de Production et de Création (creation and production of clothing) collection in 1987. The shoes are minimal, but by no means ordinary and perhaps best summed up by Jean Touitou himself: “In a world of over-designed shoes those styles provide quietness and dignity”.