5 Summer Holiday Grooming Essentials

A conundrum faced by many a travelling man is which grooming products make it from their bathroom cabinet to their holiday suitcase. There are key basics such as a razor, shave cream and a toothbrush but often overlooked are the 5 grooming essentials showcased below. Some are obvious and others are less so, but all of them will be equally valuable once you reach the beach and relax into holiday life.

1. Travel Sized Products

Men's Traveller 2012 Molton Brown

World renowned Molton Brown are experienced travellers and their Molton Brown Men’s Traveller 2012 reinforces that. Containing essentials for shaving, washing and reinvigorating, they are all housed in airport friendly containers to ensure there are no security issues and check-in delays.

£40 from Niven & Joshua.

2. Easy Sunscreen

Riemann P20 Once A Day 10 Hours Sun Protection SPF20 100ml

Sunburnt skin, despite looking terrible, can have long-term negative effects for your health. The sun’s harmful rays can cause cancer as well as other short-term problems. Applying sunscreen is a tedious aspect of any holiday but nevertheless, essential. A good solution is Riemann P20 which needs only to be applied once a day and is extremely water resistant.

£13.99 for 100ml from Boots.

3. Insect Repellent

Citronella Formula Neal's Yard Remedies

An evening meal or drink, often outside on a balmy evening, can often be met with the dreaded mosquito or similarly irritating bugs. Anti-insect spray’s are often ineffective and aggressively scented. Neal’s Yard Remedies Citronella is a natural solution, which not only expertly fends off insects but also smells as good as a fragrance.

£8.25 for 100ml from Niven & Joshua.

4. Sun Stick

Clinique SPF 35 Targeted Protection Stick

Perhaps more popular amongst the skiing crowd but not something to be overlooked for any holiday, especially a sun drenched one. A Sun Stick is pocket sized, convenient and doubles up as sun protection and lip balm. Keep it in your pocket and apply it anywhere; on your face, nose, ears, lips and hairline. The Clinique SPF 35 Targeted Protection Stick comes highly recommended.

£16 for 6g from Clinique for Men.

5. Self Tan

Clinique SPF 35 Targeted Protection Stick

Not quite a Summer Holiday Grooming Essential, but important for some. A life lived in an office can lead to pasty white skin and your week in the sun can often not be enough time to achieve golden brown status. If you prefer to ‘enhance’ that holiday look before you arrive (or return), then apply self tan – it’s quick, easy and nowadays, undetectable.

Try the newly launched James Read Liquid Tan from the UK’s leading tanning expert.

£24.50 for 250ml from James Read.