ACNE Studio Autumn Collection 2012

‘Ambition to Create Novel Expression’, or ACNE for short, have released their autumn clothing collection. Oversized, sombre and Bauhaus inspired; the Swedish Fashion House have captured the nostalgic elegance associated with the colder months with flocked coats, shimmered quilting and mixed textures creating the basis of this contemporary collection.

As its namesake suggests, the approach is definitely novel and ambitious. ACNE have seemingly ripped up the rule book of menswear and headed into uncharted territory, using quilting to create shirts or short sleeved autumn coats that sit just below the bottom of the rib cage or even knee skimming jumpers, to name just a few – parallel universe anyone?

The items are designed to be interlinked with one another, mixing textures, shapes and colours. It’s function before form that makes these garments so beautiful, and help tap right into the ingenuity of the 1920s Bauhaus movement that the lookbook below reflects.

The collection is a creative myriad of ideas and creations purposefully designed to be different – to stand out and to push the boundaries of modern men’s fashion. This is high fashion that I can see trickling into the mainstream pretty soon… and I’d welcome it with open arms!

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ACNE Studio Autumn Collection 2012:

ACNE Studio Mens Autumn Collection 2012