Acne Studios White Art T-Shirt Project

Acne Studios have just released their second collaboration tee from the ‘White Art’ t-shirt project. The project gives established artists the chance to grapple with the classic men’s wardrobe staple – the white t-shirt. The result is a limited edition t-shirt, with all proceeds going to a fund to help artists produce a monograph of their work.

The second collaboration comes from Cambridge-born Lucy Skaer. As well as showing solo and group exhibitions, Skaer was nominated for the coveted Turner Prize in 2009. The inspiration for the t-shirt came from two wood-cut prints, which the artist based on a 15th century painting and an antique chair. Skaer describes her creative process:

‘The chair has been used to print a kind of fool’s utterance: each surface of the chair was covered with ink, printed and arranged as if to be characters in an unknown or nonsense alphabet. The Fool or Jester has traditionally been a liminal figure, a go-between or utopian dreamer. The T-shirt is a reflection of my sympathy with this figure and a playful desire to create a new costume for such a person’.

In terms of the t-shirt, Acne are being as cryptic as the artist’s own description, showing only a small preview of the tee itself on their website. A visit to their Dover Street store would straighten this out however.

Priced at £150, art-lovers and fans of the brand will have to snap these up quickly as they are made in extremely limited runs. As an additional selling point, each tee comes boxed with its own line number, providing you with that sought after feeling of exclusivity.

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Acne Studios White Art T-Shirt Project:

Acne Studios White Art T-Shirt Project boxed

Acne Studios White Art T-Shirt Project