Air purifying jeans – How will it work?

Having consumed multiple versions of this story from the media and friends – and understanding maybe only 10% of what was being said – hopefully this will clear up the facts for ‘like-minded’ people.

Fashion designer Helen Storey has successfully conceived something my twenty one year old eyes naively thought they would never see. Combining what more-often-than-not seemed to be polar industries of intelligence and style (Science and Fashion if you’re old school), she and co-creator Tony Ryan have developed a washing solution called Catclo.

This substance can actually help neutralise the pollution caused by cars (pollution being defined as purely chemical in this case. Not noise pollution from a probably otherwise emasculated male driving a Clio with the engine of a monster truck or visual pollution from the guy who inherited his mum’s Chevy Chevette – sadly).

Catclo works on clothes in a similar way photosynthesis works in relation to plants. Light needs to shine on the particles deposited on to the clothing. This stimulates the electrons from the Catclo solution, causing them to want to merge with the nearest molecule, which would be oxygen.

The next stage of washing the clothes in the solution relies upon water to transform the solution into a bleach-like substance. This then dissolves the nitrogen oxides, caused by pollution from cars, thus purifying the air.

The big question is: How many people will actually adopt this new regime when the time comes?

If you’re in Manchester between 27th October – 4th November 2012 then why not check out the Catclo pop-up stall first hand at Manchester Science Festival.

Air Purifying Jeans – How Will It Work?:

Catclo Jeans

Catclo Jeans