Armstrong & Wilson Pocket Squares

As contemporary stylish gentlemen, we can all recite and explain the importance of a pocket square. The key is in the details, and this small accessory can single-handedly shape and define a whole look. By now, you definitely know you need a pocket square, but you may not realise that not any old pocket square will do. To make sure you stand out from the crowd, you need a fresh, colourful, well-designed square with a unique detail to set it apart.

Combining all of these qualities is Armstrong & Wilson – a brand designed by two of Esquire’s “Best Dressed Real Men” – who offer creative pocket squares with unique detailing such as buttons, contrast hems and small felt flowers. These accents add a whole new dimension to this classic accessory, transforming it into the focal point of your whole outfit.

Their interactive website features a lush musical background and great navigation, giving you the option to view their products by material. Browsing through dozens of plaids, linens and florals will no doubt be a fun experience, as the playful names of the pocket squares jump out at you. Our favorites were “The Florist”, “Feeling Blue”, “Turn on the Lights”, “Chicken Pox” and “80’s Baby”. These pocket squares come in cotton, linen, wool and cashmere and a huge variety of colours, ensuring there truly is something for all personal tastes.

At the moment, Armstrong & Wilson are having an exclusive collaboration with hook + Albert, introducing the so-called “pocket flower”. This hybrid accessory consists of a classic wool pocket square with a small detachable lapel flower, which can be worn both on your lapel and over the fold of your square. The chosen material for the collaboration is sturdy plaid wool and comes in two color options: grey & red and black & purple. These limited edition pocket squares retail at approximately £70 while the regular collection will set you back only £35 per piece.

If you are looking for a truly creative addition to your accessory collection, then quickly grab one of Armstrong & Wilson’s quirky pocket squares. Their revolutionary approach to this classic wardrobe staple is extremely well-designed, providing you with a product like no other. With an Armstrong & Wilson pocket square, you will be sure to make an impression.

Available at Armstrong & Wilson.

Armstrong & Wilson ‘Pocket Flower’ Pocket Squares:

Armstrong & Wilson Pocket Square

Armstrong & Wilson Pocket Square