Arthur & Henry Shirts

Whilst we have seen a growing number of brands releasing ‘Made in Britain’ capsule collections, very few labels take a comprehensive ethical approach like Arthur & Henry.

The brand is named after the grandfathers – Arthur Lissamen and Henry Shiel – of the labels founders; the concept being that both men existed in a time where the shirt was common attire, whilst also being a garment to be desired and cared for. The brand therefore takes inspiration from past eras, when the common man consistently endorsed a smart and refined look.

The collection itself has great diversity, ranging from a classic white Herringbone work shirt to a bold blue floral print design. They come in a long, fitted cut to give plenty movement – ideal for the working man. There is also an acute attention to detail, with all buttons attached with thermo-fused thread and lock stitches.

Emphasising their ethical approach to fashion, all the cotton shirts are made in India using fine, organic, fairly traded cotton – meaning the farmers are given fair prices for their product and receive a fair trade premium to invest into their local community.

In addition to this, Arthur & Henry produce a wide variety of linen shirts; the least environmentally-damaging material due to its growing and processing being almost chemical-free.

Overall, Arthur & Henry’s first full collection of ethical work shirts provides you with a unique, guilt-free shopping experience.

You can shop the full collection here.

Arthur & Henry Shirts

Arthur & Henry Shirts