Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack

Online retailer Men Are Useless have teamed up with Bluebeards Revenge to put together a shavette kit.

This kit is ideal for all you ‘real men’ out there that yearn to go back to simpler times – before razors with batteries, vibrating mechanisms or seven (are we up to that number yet?) blades were let loose on the market.

This starter pack comes complete with:

  • Bluebeards Revenge Shavette Straight Razor
  • Bluebeards Revenge Dubloon Wooden Shaving Brush
  • 100ml concentrated Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream.
  • Pack of 11 double edged razor blades.

By putting down your regular razor and swapping to this shavette straight razor you will immediately be able to not only see but feel the results – it aims to give you the closest shave you can possibly get. The professional cut throat shaving experience is one that has been making waves within the grooming industry throughout 2011, and for good reason – once you’ve had a shave with a straight razor you’ll wonder why you never used one before.

Now with a bit of practise you can get a professional shave at home – and lets face it there’s something uber masculine about shaving with a straight razor!

The major advantage of this particular shavette is that unlike traditional straight razors this one takes disposable blades, which don’t need constant sharpening. This means you will be able to get the full benefits of a close shave but won’t have to spend extra time making sure your blades are constantly sharpened and in tip top condition.

At just £27, this gentleman’s starter kit is not to be missed. Head over to Men Are Useless or Amazon to get your hands on one today.

Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack

Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack exclusive to Men Are Useless