Bulldog Skincare

When it comes to my skin I’m always very particular about what I will put on it. Thick, chemical clad, creamy moisturisers feel and smell good – but chances are they really aren’t doing your face any favours.

Quintessentially British brand Bulldog has been established in the world of men’s skincare since 2006. Supplying a wide range of products – including everything from exfoliators to anti-ageing cream – they have every base covered. They even make eye roll-ons for those Monday morning (usually self-inflicted) eye bags.

The company can also proudly boast their eco-friendly mantra – producing all products in the UK, made from recycled packaging and not testing on animals. The new eco-system fair trade collection highlights Bulldog’s new initiative to research every aspect of their products and ensure that every ingredient is sourced and manufactured fairly. Mixed from Shea butter, green tea, organic sugar and a concoction of skin friendly oils, founder’s Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier have created a product that makes you look and feel great.

Having been a loyal customer for over three years now, the one reason I keep returning to this brand is that I still feel a sense of good ole’ manliness when using their products. They don’t arrive in some colourful, ribbon tied box that once opened reveals a fragile little pot of paste and some sort of spatula like applicator. I can squirt a blob on my hand and confidently rub it through my unkempt beard with the satisfaction of knowing my testicles remain firmly intact.

Another win is that I can buy online! Gone are the days of shuffling through hoards of women at Debenhams perfume counter or dodging the free sample collectors lurking around the make-up isle (you know who you are). The offer to bundle up at a cheaper price is another advantage available to the e-shopper. The products are already very reasonably priced as is, but purchase a few at once and you’re laughing.

Available to buy at Boots, Feel Unique as well as over on meetthebulldog.com.

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