Burberry London Flecked Knitted Silk Tie

If you have been a regular reader of FashionBeans over the past few months, buying into the current knitted tie trend would of inevitably come to your mind. Combining a casual slim shirt with a knitted tie gives an instant feel of Italian flair and sophistication. Squared-off knitted ties have been an absolute must have accessory for some time now; creating a look of a refined and grown-up gentleman, while steering clear of the risk of appearing too smart or ‘stiff’.

As with any popular fashion trend, the more widespread it becomes, the less of an individualist appeal it offers. The knitted tie has become a standard offering of many high street brands, and although differing in the use of material and quality of finish, they usually feature the same solid block colours – such as brown, burgundy or black.

The flecked knitted silk tie by Burberry London comes as a welcome alternative to the wide-spread and somehow ‘standardised’ design of this brilliant accessory. The silk finish will make you stand apart, as the quality and luxurious nature of this material is instantly recognisable. However, it is the colour choice of this piece that makes it so interesting. Whether you opt for pink, grey or burgundy, the flecked pattern adds an extra dimension that will not only attract attention but give your overall look a much more modern appeal.

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Burberry London Flecked Knitted Silk Tie:

Burberry London Flecked Knitted Silk Tie Pink

Burberry London Flecked Knitted Silk Tie Burgundy

Burberry London Flecked Knitted Silk Tie Grey