Carven AW12 Collection

Although the collection was officially released some months ago, this is the perfect time for a refresh of what premium brand Carven predicted for AW12.

Dealing only in luxury, this youthful label has captured the hearts of many with their eclectic style. Heavy, chunky knitwear and loose fitting outerwear is broken up with slim fit shirts and skinny trousers. This combination may sound odd to the ear but to the eye it is something rather beautiful; sculpting the silhouette like stone beneath the fingertips of Michelangelo.

The contrast of the typical winter colour palette (navy, grey, black and burgundy) colliding with sporadic bursts of electric blue and sunflower yellow are what brings the collection to life.

Material is a defining factor for Carven; utilising some of the finest skins and fabrics from around the globe, this is one collection I would literally love to get my hands on. Abrasivato leather and moleskin are put to good use making shoes and trousers, and this is balanced with an infusion of heavy wool and cotton to give it a seasonally appropriate autumn/winter look and feel.

Selling in stores from Leeds to London, discovering a piece of this brand for yourself should not be a difficult task.

Head over to the Carven website to check out the collection in its entirety.

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Carven AW12 Collection Lookbook

Carven AW12 Collection