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Nick Wheeler probably isn’t a name you would associate with men’s clothing. You are unlikely to sit in a meeting at work and be told the shirt you have just passed comment on is a Nick Wheeler. Or that the cufflinks you admire are the Nick Wheeler brand.

However, Charles Tyrwhitt is a brand you should be more familiar with. It is hard not to walk down the street or sit on the train without seeing a Charles Tyrwhitt suit staring back at you. Or enter into a meeting and find your colleagues wearing a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and tie combination. So classical and stylish is the tailoring from Charles Tyrwhitt, it can hardly be helped.

Nick Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler has been producing and selling shirts under the guise of his middle names since the mid-80s, and since then has been stamping his mark on the formal wear market. The latest Charles Tyrwhitt lookbook contains everything you would expect from an English tailoring brand, with sharp suiting, cut away collars, rich ties woven in Suffolk and calf leather shoes made in England. Furthermore, for those who play just as hard as they work, Charles Tyrwhitt contains a collection of non-iron shirts that are the best in the world, thus avoiding the need to waste time negotiating the iron and board each morning.

Charles Tyrwhitt, famed for its business and formal wear, also boasts a healthy casual collection. With tweeds being the focal point of the collection this season, choices range from Yorkshire to Scottish Harris, through to Irish Donegal or even the superb English Saxony tweed – meaning every taste and style is catered for. Those of you that wish to take the Charles Tyrwhitt brand from day through to night, the brand’s selection of double breasted coats feature strongly and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

As Nick Wheeler’s alter ego expands from it’s flagship store in London’s Jermyn Street, throughout the UK and into international waters, all elements of the collection can be found on its website. Regular promotions provide excellent value for a brand that is proving time and again that classical cuts and designs can be utilised in both the business and casual world with devastating success. After all, look at the guy sat next to you!

Shop the collection and see the full lookbook over on the Charles Tyrwhitt website.

Charles Tyrwhitt AW12 Lookbook:

Charles Tyrwhitt AW12 Lookbook