Cheap Monday Black Aki Knit Sweater

I’m really bad when it comes to buying the basics. I can’t tell you much of my life is spent peering into my wardrobe, searching for key items I know aren’t there. Of course, they aren’t there because I haven’t bought them! Why don’t I go and buy some white trainers? Why haven’t I already bought some plain t-shirts? Why don’t I own a grey jumper? These are unanswerable questions let alone rhetorical.

I could make up excuses like ‘I can’t find anything I like’ or ‘I don’t have the time’ but the truth is I’m just easily distracted. As soon as I wander into a store, funky patterns steal my attention and even when I scroll down a webpage the page bright colours catch my eye. Plain and simple just doesn’t stand a chance. However, you’ll be pleased to hear I’m beginning to tackle my problem – as I am now the proud owner of a black jumper.

As I was traipsing through the jungle that is Oxford Street last Sunday, I wandered into Urban Outfitters and picked up a loose-fitting crew neck by Cheap Monday. Well known for their jeans, the brand was started way back in 2000 by some witty Swedes who only opened their store on a Sunday.

The top is really lightweight and, being made from ramie and cotton, it should hold its shape well and keep its silky lustre. The relaxed fit is comfortable and the thinly rolled sleeves and neck give a subtle but sharp finish. Most importantly though, it’s simple and exactly what I needed. Now, who does some good white trainers?

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

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Cheap Monday Black Aki Knit Sweater

Cheap Monday Black Aki Knit Sweater