Cheap Monday Glow In The Dark Collection

How many times have you peered into your wardrobe and thought – “I wish I had something glow in the dark to wear today”? Never? Well, unless you are a keen cyclist or construction worker, you will most likely never have the need for a garment with this ability. However, that hasn’t stopped Cheap Monday releasing their new Glow in the Dark Collection.

Renowned for their superb skinny jeans and providing men and women with affordable contemporary clothing, the cult Swedish brand continue to live up to their quirky reputation through the release of this new unisex range.

Consisting of six pieces, the capsule collection includes: jeans and a t-shirt in unisex models, men’s and women’s shoes, a tote bag and wallet. And yes, all products are either made entirely from a glow in the dark fabric, or come complete with glowing prints or accents. For those of you worried for the future of menswear, fear not, the Cheap Monday team don’t consider this fashion forward, nor are they taking themselves too seriously – they just wanted to “combine old school futuristic technology with a sense of naive and childish magic”.

The collection will be released in several markets at the end of December, with radiating launch parties in the likes of London, Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Stockholm. With each piece available in a limited run of between 80 – 150 pieces, of which 10-30 will be released at each city stop, if you want to get your hands on this range, you better act quick. Especially if you have that all important rave coming up over the party season!

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Cheap Monday Glow In The Dark Collection:

Cheap Monday Glow In The Dark Clothing Collection

Cheap Monday Glow In The Dark Clothing Collection

Cheap Monday Glow In The Dark Clothing Collection