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Male grooming isn’t what it used to be; we’ve evolved so much from the simple wet shave and dabs of loo roll to fix cuts. Having good skin is a priority for so many of us nowadays and with hundreds of brands and quick fix remedies saturating the market, Clinique stands out as one of the few that could actually help achieve a glowing complexion (please pardon that cliché).

Clinique suggests you exfoliate and moisturise at least twice a day, which is a mission for anyone working ungodly hours. But making the time to fit in a quick face scrub could help to make your skin look youthful and free from fatigue – both qualities that can help any professional male.

Furthermore, the new collection of lotions and cleansers are further designed with men’s skin in mind and the dermatological issues we are often subject to. Moisturising lotions help to soothe post shave, while exfoliation scrubs can help us deal with those pesky ingrown hairs from poor shaving skills.

Clinique is probably one of the pricier product ranges on the market, but is one of the few that actually makes a difference. I’ve been using Clinique (though not the men’s specific range) for some time now and have noticed a difference in my skin – and honestly, i’’s a miracle that my once blemish prone skin is no more.

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Clinique For Men:

Clinique For Men