COLLECTIVE + Bob Carlos Clarke T-shirts

This season, fair trade and premium organic clothing company COLLECTIVE have collaborated with The Little Black Gallery and the individuals behind the Bob Carlos Clarke foundation, to produce a limited edition men’s t-shirt collection.

The collection is comprised of 11 different prints, all of which have been unearthed from the late British photographers archive – so these tees are set to become instantly iconic and collectors items.

The photographs chosen for the designs only serve to reinforce Bob Carlos Clarke’s vision and style through the incorporation of seductive and beauty imagery – the type of photography that was his trademark up until his death back in 2006.

The whole range retails at just £60 – personally we don’t think the price tag is too steep for such an iconic and limited edition garment. Bob Clarke is still a world renowned British photographer, who is also considered one of the greatest ever – compare his work to your typical high street graphic t-shirt and you can see why this collection will be so sought after.

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COLLECTIVE + Bob Carlos Clarke T-shirt Collection: