Corgi Socks

With the autumn months advancing upon us at a considerable speed and the days of going sockless in your deck shoes fading, now is the perfect time to acquire a sock collection that will make your feet proud.

Corgi socks started way back in 1893, when a small warehouse was opened in Wales to provide woolen socks for the local coalminers. Two generations later, multiple experiments with the sock making process led to the creation of what we now know today as ‘Argyle socks’. Orders began to flood in from overseas as companies recognised the quality of socks on offer – to keep up with this extra demand, the company expanded and in 1947 Corgy Hosiery Ltd was born.

Fast forward to the present day and the company still maintains their uncompromising commitment to quality. In fact, the brand has since gained a stamp of approval from the Royal Family, making these socks quite literally ‘fit for a King’.

All socks are handmade individually in house by a set of highly skilled workers using only the finest materials. To get a picture of the quality and the type of material used, take this quote:

“We only use the best Himalayan cashmere taken from the underbelly of goats living high in the mountains, where their coats grow very fine to give them extra warmth.”

Going to these lengths you can see why they have gained a sturdy reputation in the sock world. Bright colours and disarming motifs are found a plenty in the Corgi range – the Fair Isle wool and cotton versions being bang on trend for AW12. Pair with some brogues and dark denim jeans and you will be walking out the door safe in the knowledge you’re hitting all the right style notes (just don’t let any Himalayan mountain goats catch you with them on).

Point yourself in the direction of or Mr Porter to check out the full range and give your feet a treat this autumn.

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Corgi Socks

Corgi Socks