Culinary Concepts Hip Flask

My dad is the hardest person to buy Christmas presents for, because he’s a man. Sounds obvious, but like most men if he wants something he just goes and buys it – there’s no nonsense or waiting. Whilst this may be good for him, it makes my life a whole lot more difficult when it comes to any gift giving occasion. However, I think I may have stumbled upon something he might appreciate.

As it’s now well and truly freezing outside, a little winter warmer can go a long way in preventing our bodies and minds freezing over. Hip flasks can be a nice little accessory, especially as my old man has relocated to greener pastures and looks more and more like a farmer every time I see him.

Culinary Concepts are purveyors of quality home and personal accessories and have got the tool chest out to produce this fine example of a dram holder. A hammered finish has been applied to the plated silver exterior and a contrasting gold coloured cap sits on top of the decanter. The partnership successfully creates an almost used-and-abused look to a very clean flask.

Please also note the screw-like grooves on the cap – an important feature when it comes to getting at your tipple when the mittens are on and you have little intention of removing them.

A word of caution: hip flasks have a time and a place. Walks in the country and football matches; yes. During the school run or at your desk; no.

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Culinary Concepts Hip Flask:

Culinary Concepts Hip Flask