Death to Tennis – Watvin Trench

There’s been no shortage of quilted jackets in high street shops and designer collections over the last twelve months. New York based ‘Death to Tennis’ have taken this concept one step further by introducing the Watvin quilted trench coat. The relatively unknown quality-line label specialises in classic menswear designs with a hint of the contemporary; a theme epitomized by the tessellating cells of the Watvin Trench.

As one might expect from the science fiction protagonist’s trench coat of choice, the shoulders and upper chest of the Watvin display a lattice of parallelotopes not dissimilar to the grid that appears in Tron’s ‘digital frontier’. Below this, the horizontal lines of the framework abruptly disintegrate, leaving a series of vertical, insulating channels acting to emphasise the extension from jacket to trench length.

The Watvin’s sleek, waxed cotton exterior features scalpel incision pockets, bleeding a vibrant liberty print, giving the impression of an alien object that has undergone a meticulous medical examination. Its body armour is countered with a tactile wool collar and lining, where outward aesthetic succumbs to comfort and warmth.

Although, ironically, it has all the hallmarks of an item that Mortal Kombat’s Subzero might wear on his day off, the Watvin Trench is a heaven-send to all outerwear addicts. Warm and weather resistant enough to blunt winter’s cold edge, and so beautifully designed, you’ll actually look forward to stepping foot outside.

The Watvin Trench by Death to Tennis is available from CHCM.

Death to Tennis – Watvin Trench:

Death to Tennis - Watvin Trench