We have all seen those bad American teenage blockbusters, where someone within the cast is the “geek” wearing the signature “nerdy” specs. Normally sellotaped in the middle, it is considered a war wound that shows his social status within that high school. The cliché even goes as far as people dressing up in “geek chic” inspired clothes at certain events, where the one accessory that finalises the outfit is the “nerdy” specs.

Fashion has a habit of adopting the ugly and transforming it into something beautiful, which is what it did with the geek-style specs. Suddenly this style blossomed into “cool”, “sexy” and “intelligent.” Even people who had 20/20 vision were purchasing designer versions with no prescription.

This is a story all too familiar with the founder of DEJA VU REFINERY:

“DEJA VU means you have seen it before. A REFINERY is a place that refines things. So the name was a perfect fit for a vintage reproduction atelier.”

Born from the brains of a New Yorker in 2010 but based in North Carolina, DEJA VU REFINERY offers men handmade to perfection eyewear. Extreme craftsmanship, detail and precision go into each pair of custom made glasses, which are even fitted at the eyewear extraordinaires’ home.

The “DEBONAIR” line takes influence from vintage aesthetics; tortoiseshell frames are complimented in colours such as beer bottle greens, lenses can be clear or tinted and all glasses are compliant with FDA and EU requirements for frames and lenses. The Luxury eyewear industry has a new contender on the market and that’s the DEJA VU REFINERY corporation.

Check out the full collection over at DEJA VU REFINERY.

DEJA VU REFINERY Eyewear Collection:

DEJA VU REFINERY Eyewear Collection

DEJA VU REFINERY Eyewear Collection