Diesel’s Super Bad-Ass Offerings

Oversized watches are ever increasing in popularity, with more and more brands throwing their hat in to the ring when it comes to producing watches with the biggest and chunkiest dials. Few brands do it as well and as successfully as Diesel. The Super Bad Ass watches, and most recently the Baby Daddy watches, are becoming some of the biggest must have timepieces this Christmas.

You’ve probably seen them as part of the extensive TV advertising campaign the brand have been running lately, which features the fantastic DZ7259 Baby Daddy and the DZ7125 Super Bad Ass watches.

Both of the Diesel watches feature the signature oversized dials, with chronograph sub-dials, push buttons and large crowns completing a rugged and mechanical inspired look (perfect for those embracing a workwear aesthetic this AW12). The DZ7259 has a wide steel bracelet strap, although there are smart leather strap options available in the Baby Daddy range, across a range of colours. The DZ7259, much like majority of the Super Bad Ass range, has a leather strap, this time in black with metal stud attachment detail.

All of the oversized pieces that Diesel are bringing out at the moment are not only perfect for hitting key trends this AW12 (and moving into SS13), but all come at a great price point in comparison to some of their oversized watch-making rivals. In fact, next year we can look forward to Diesel’s largest ever watch face – in the form of the Super Bad Ass ‘Grand-Daddy’, which has a whopping 76.5 millimetre case diameter.

If huge oversized watches aren’t your thing (maybe you have skinny wrists), then there are plenty of more subtly designed pieces in the current Diesel range. Try looking at rectangular (East to West) dials, such as the DZ1273, which creates the illusion of a large watch without dwarfing your wrist!

You can shop the full range over at The Watch Hut now.

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Diesel Watch Collection – DZ7125, DZ7259 & DZ1273:

Diesel Watch Collection - DZ7125, DZ7259 & DZ1273