Disturbing London Collection

We’ve seen Liam Gallagher, Pharrell and most recently Odd Future turn their talented hands to the world of fashion – Tinie Tempah is the latest to give it a shot.

After being crowned GQ’s Best Dressed Man 2012 in January, it was only a matter of time before Mr. Tempah put his style credentials to good use and became involved in fashion design. His brand, Disturbing London, launched exclusively at Selfridges earlier this month as well as on the official brand website.

The collection offers a refreshing take on urban essentials and features sovereignty inspired prints on tees and jumpers, lightweight gym vests and tracksuits, as well as some rather dashing collared shirts – my personal favourite being the Rockabilly inspired design with ‘Disturbing’ emblazoned across the left chest.

The label has also collaborated with MHI (as showcased on FashionBeans recently) – Maharishi’s streetwear subsidiary, who offers designs for much of the collection. In terms of styling, the loud graphic tees and jumpers would look great paired with simple black jeans and a pair of hi-tops, in true Tinie Tempah style. They also fit right in with the current underlying 90s influence running throughout the industry.

In terms of key pieces, the aviator jackets, constructed in 100% Melton wool felt, are not to be missed.

With some items already sold out in-store and online, Disturbing London shows some promise of continued popularity and good profitability. Head over to Selfridges or Disturbing London to get your hands on this collection while it lasts.

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Disturbing London Collection:

Disturbing London Collection