Dr Denim Donk Chinos

Anyone unfortunate enough to have stumbled across more than one of my news features will have realised I’m a bit of a high street boy. My love for brands, such as ASOS, is not only because I can actually afford their products, it is because I know I am guaranteed variety. Heading on to some site I spotted in GQ, complete with a fancy French name or something ‘quirky’ that doesn’t really make sense – where all the clothes are black with a hint of white – does make me feel ‘fashionable’, to add even more cliché to this sentence.

However, in the minutes after the delivery person has left, and the cardboard box and polythene lay in pitiful shreds on the floor, I don’t feel the triple figure that I just forked out for this item has quite lived up to its premise.

That is why I bring you today a brand that has frequented the ASOS ‘New In’ section more times than I wish I could remember. Dr Denim. I think of this brand as a layering brand, in that all their garments are perfect to be used as layers in outfits. They are simple, usually block colours, well made and are versatile for most personal styles. Personally I would not choose any of the items as a statement in one of my outfits, but I feel like the designers know this.

These Donk Chinos [shown below] are the latest items to land on the pages of ASOS. As you can see, they work best as part of a casual outfit – however the use of material, colour and shape is what brings them to life.

Dr Denim Donk Chino

Dr Denim Donk Chino

A cool £60 will ensure you can pick a pair of these up from ASOS if you head over there now. See more key Dr Denim spring/summer 2012 wardrobe staples below.

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