Dr Martens Dayton Studded Monk Shoe

If we were to tell you that the next piece of footwear to invest in is a studded monk shoe, you may think we had lost our fashion mind! This is exactly why we are such a huge fan of Dr Martens – as a brand they make things that would seem alternative, somehow very wearable.

Case in point, the classic 8 hole boot has become a mainstream sensible footwear buy – no longer restricted to teenagers going through a high school rebel stage. The reason for the shift into the mainstream could be due to the classic simple styling, or maybe because they last an eternity and are beyond practical, who knows? Either way, Dr Martens are a cool footwear brand that should be in your wardrobe. No exception to the above notion is the Drayton studded monk shoe.

We were never the Gothic type at school. Truth be told, we always were a little preppy – and a partial geek – but the notion of slipping into this shoe seems a very cool, if ever so slightly rebellious, move. In our mind these studded offerings will have a much longer lifespan than if you were to invest in a pair of creepers and are a much more versatile buy.

Think a smart black suit paired with these and you have a cool alternative tailored look; equally, pair with standard issue black skinnies and that baggy white t-shirt and you have a casual off duty look with an edge.

Take the plunge and embrace the grunge. Priced £135 and available at Schuh.

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Dr Martens Dayton Studded Monk Shoe:

Dr Martens Dayton Studded Monk Shoe