Eleven Paris Tie Up Long Meteor Cardigan

Don’t get us wrong, we love the spring/summer season, but with all the non-summer weather we’ve been experiencing lately, it only makes us yearn for the autumn/winter seasons to roll around quicker – finding the ideal outfit to shield you from the unpredictable rain, whilst being lightweight enough to keep you cool once the sun decides to make an appearance again, has become somewhat tiring.

At least with the autumn/winter season you know what to expect. There is nothing we like more than being able to dig out our chunky knitwear pieces at the beginning of the fall season, which leads me onto this gem that has just been release over at Urban Outfitters.

The Tie Up Long Meteor Cardigan by Parisian label Eleven Paris is just the right mix of fashion and function, providing you with a stylish chunky piece of knitwear, which is undoubtedly going to keep you warm throughout the colder months.

What makes this piece so appealing isn’t one specific feature; it is in fact a number of factors brought together to create one truly unique piece of apparel.

Combining a variety of shapes and textures that have been popular over previous seasons, it has produced one stunning cardigan. Details include double breasted panel fastening, a shawl neck collar, and a waffle and cable knit mix.

Retailing at £150 over at Urban Outfitters, this statement piece will not only allow you to stand out from the crowd this fall but will ensure you’ll be warm whilst doing so.

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Eleven Paris Tie Up Long Meteor Cardigan:

Eleven Paris Tie Up Long Meteor Cardigan

Eleven Paris Tie Up Long Meteor Cardigan