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Was the last fashion features article not good enough? You still want easy ways to get great style advice? Well, I’m sure we can work something out.

We’re sticking with Mr. Porter, but this time looking at a different service it offers: ‘Style advisors.’ Simply, you can ring a number and talk to one of their experts, with no cost above whatever your network charges you, about dilemmas, decisions and details. Useful for both the novice and expert, it’s definitely worth a consideration.

“The team of style advisors have years of experience dressing all sorts of men from all over the world,” said Katy Lubin, Mr Porter’s spokesperson. “Because of the global reach of the website, they know what is appropriate for all different kinds of men.”

As well as a capacity to help almost anyone the advisors can provide tailored advice.

“Whether it’s offering specific style help for one outfit or assistance in building a whole new wardrobe, they are able to add that additional level of knowledge.”

In accepting a whole range of tasks – from the trivial to the seismic – they make ‘Style Advisor’ into something which can help when you want to put extra research in. Sometimes the big changes in how you dress leave you a little bit unsure. Deciding to chuck out the clothes you wore at university and opt for something more grown up, choosing to embrace your inner ‘Mad Men’ 1960s suavity; that kind of decision calls for advice. Mr Porter is a great place to find it.

Given that everyone involved in FashionBeans, both readers and writers, is interested in that extra understanding, it’s obvious that this is a top resource.

Head over to Mr.Porter for more information.

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