Have a Field Day with Field Notes

As an avid Moleskin aficionado, I am always on the lookout for different kinds of journaling material I can scrawl insipid ideas down on. Though Moleskins are arguably the most well known journals amongst the notepad chic, they seem to have infiltrated just about every spectrum of the “jot-it-down” masses – from design students to businessmen.

While brand recognition may offer a feeling of reassurance, there are plenty of lesser-known niche brands that specialise in products they are truly passionate about. Field Notes is one of those under-the-radar labels that never disappoints. Each order comes with a three pack of 3-1/2” x 5-1/2” notepads.

Field Notes offers a slice of Americana with each product and all come in a variety of colour ways – which you can potentially match to your daily outfit. The fact that the brand is now being sold on fashion websites across the globe goes to show how their popularity amongst stylish men and women is on the rise.

Here at the FashionBeans office our favourite from the current Field Notes range is the the Balsam Fir Green notepad featured below. This quirky 48-page memo book is lined with graph paper and perfect for traveling and sketching. Featuring sturdy 3-staple saddle stitch binding, the notepad is a staple piece for the alternative and intellectually minded young professionals out there.

Rugged, pocket size pieces like this make it easy to travel with a notepad on a long trip. Being caught with one of these practical little accessories clutched in your hands sets you apart from the flock and serves as a great conversation piece.

Available now at The Great Divide.

Field Notes – Graph Paper:

Field Notes - Graph Paper - Olive

Field Notes - Graph Paper - Olive