Gary Cahill: Brand Ambassador For Paul Costelloe

British brand Paul Costelloe has a couple of newsworthy stories surrounding the luxury suit maker this week – the first being the signing of new brand ambassador and Chelsea defender Gary Cahill. This will be the first marketing ploy Cahill has been personally involved in, so … no pressure.

Having a brand ambassador appears to be the ‘must-have item’ for the majority of fashion brands these days. Celebrities already at the helm of some fashion front-runners include Tiger Woods and DiCaprio for TAG Heuer, George Clooney for Omega, Brad Pitt for Chanel and David Beckham for H&M. Even Babs Windsor has Gala bingo!

The other big news story for the company is that they are having a site re-launch, which of course means a big clearance sale. Having heard this news, my heart made love to my stomach at the thought of getting a full Costelloe suit for around the £100 mark. I then came the sobering realisation that this, of course, would not be the case. Alas, I shall have to wait until the clearance sale has a sale and hope there are damaged goods.

Finally, for those who didn’t already know, Paul Costelloe also has a 75% sale running alongside the 20% off clearance items (any chance I can just combine these together and have 95% off? Nope, didn’t think so).

Paul Costelloe Collection:

Paul Costelloe collection