Geo F Trumper – Super Badger Shaving Brush with Simulated Ivory Case

Acknowledged as one of the finest traditional barbers and perfumer in London, you might be surprised to know that Geo F Trumper is still located on Curzon Street in Mayfair, where it was first established back in 1875.

Having been honoured with a Royal Warrant, which was initially awarded by Queen Victoria (and the five succeeding Monarchs), it is the ultimate seal of approval for the brand. However, it is the company’s World renowned reputation for high quality and unrivalled service that ensures their loyal customer base continues to return time after time – for years to come.

Offering the finest quality gentleman’s fragrances, grooming products and accessories, it is the Super Badger Shaving Brush which we want to feature today; with its badger hair construction and stylish simulated ivory travel case.

As we’ve preached many times before, it is imperative that you own the right tools to aid your shaving routine – this is especially important when it comes to achieving the perfect wet shave.

Often neglected, this luxurious shaving accessory is the perfect introductory brush for those that want the true barbershop experience at home. Made from genuine badger hair, Geo F Trumper take care to source hair from locations where badgers are not an endangered species. All the hair is then sorted, dressed and sterilised in England. Shaving brushes are graded by the quality (pure, super or best, and sometimes mixture of all three) and density of hair in the brush, with this brush graded as ‘Super’.

What this means for you is that you can be sure of the perfect shave each and every time; this brush will enable you to build a rich, creamy lather beforehand (thoroughly lifting each facial hair and coating them), resulting in a pleasant, effortless and comfortable wet shave experience that will ensure that your skin isn’t left feeling sore or irritated afterwards.


  • Handle Width: 3cm.
  • Handle Height 3.75cm.
  • Hair Height: 4.25cm.

Retailing at £34, it is available now over at Niven & Joshua and the perfect introduction to the premium world of shaving.

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Geo F Trumper – Super Badger Shaving Brush with Simulated Ivory Case

Geo F Trumper - Super Badger Shaving Brush with Simulated Ivory Case