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I’ll always remember Geox as ‘the shoes that breathe’ – all the while not totally understanding exactly how they ‘breathed’. Apparently, Geox products use a rubber membrane with micropores, allowing the free diffusion of air (basically tiny holes that let air in and out). Geox’s technology, in theory, should be perfectly suited for any intrepid explorers, or those navigating a more urban jungle.

Geox are renowned in the industry for their investment in innovation, managing to find a solution for waterproofing problems that still plague many hiking footwear specialists. Most water resistant footwear applies a waterproof sheath along the inner lining, providing a moderately dry experience. Geox, however, have innovated the shells of their boots by incorporating a waterproof lining within, thus ensuring a completely water tight piece that still delivers the trademark breathability Geox has developed its cult following around.

To further showcase their commitment to quality, Geox selected four avid travellers and flew them to the wettest place on earth; Cherrapunji, India to test out the new technology. Four videos detailing the adventures within the perpetual monsoon of Cherrapunji highlight the various performance qualities of the Amphibiox range.

The Amphibiox is a triumph of innovation, practicality and design. Geox have delivered shoes perfectly suited to British weather and with the wettest season upon us, a pair of boots that prevents the grimacing squelch of freezing rainwater should be eagerly welcomed into anyone’s wardrobe.

Check out the full collection over on the Geox website.

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