Grenson Finbar Shoe with Vibram Sole – Tan Calf

Reading the tale of how Grenson’s shoes were originally founded portrays a 19th century clothing fairytale; A 4 year old boy tragically losing his Father at the age of four, moving away from his birthplace accompanied only by his Mother, who then passes on her knowledge of creating quality men’s boots and shoes, resulting in a home run business.

As the Mother and Son’s business ticked over, William Green left his mother in search of expanding his knowledge of the trade. Fourteen years later and Green had successfully opened a large factory in order to capitalise on his “Green & Son” enterprise.

The company was then passed down through the family three generations before it was sold on to new hands, landing the fate of this British shoe making business to the great Tim Little in 2010.

Since then, Little has contributed his wealth of experience in fine English shoe making to the Grenson brand. Working for the likes of Sir Elton John, Robbie Williams and John Lee Hooker Tim’s more than qualified to head a company that has been renowned for their quality and attention to detail since the 19th century.

This Grenson Finbar Derby shoe is an archetypal example of the Green & Son heritage blending with Tim Little’s 21st century experience – helping to create a modern ‘in vogue’ shoe that still evokes a classic feel. The thick Vibram sole not only radiates quality but also creates an edgy street look.

Other details include a five eyelet lacing and white contrast stitching on the tan calf Leather. With these simple features the shoe maintains a minimalist style despite the intricate detailing.

Worn with a pair of straight fit indigo jeans, simple Oxford shirt and the increasingly popular “coatigan” (coat/cardigan) this pair of Grenson Derby shoes will complete a relaxed but smart weekend look.

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Grenson Finbar Shoe with Vibram Sole – Tan Calf:

Grenson Finbar Shoe with Vibram Sole - Tan Calf

Grenson Finbar Shoe with Vibram Sole - Tan Calf

Grenson Finbar Shoe with Vibram Sole - Tan Calf