Gucci Marseille Jacket

Some people have an immediate aversion to a brown blazer. They feel that, because it is not the colour of a traditional men’s suit, it has no place in their wardrobe. How wrong they are. Brown is the perfect between-seasons colour, and since in Britain we tend to live between-seasons for months at a time, it is a valuable wardrobe staple to have.

It may be depressing to start thinking about autumn just when summer seems to have graced us with her presence, but fashion is always about looking ahead.

And this year I’d say you couldn’t do better than the Gucci Marseille jacket. Made from 100% cotton, the jacket boasts a notched lapel, five-button cuffs, top welt and front flap pockets; with a two button front, a back vent and horsebit lining.

The colour is a deep, luscious brown – meaning the jacket provides a statement but remains neutral enough to be casually ‘thrown on’. Shirts, therefore, should always be kept pale, although feel free to use patterns. Jeans are the perfect compliment, making for a smart getup that is perfect for those end of summer/early autumn weekend mini-breaks.

As the fall begins to set in full-force, darken the look slighty with a grey or navy waistcoat. Personally I have always preferred the coupling of brown/neutral blazers with jeans to create a smart-casual look; black can bring you just too close to looking like one of the cast of Entourage.

The jacket is available from the Gucci website, and is priced at £985.

Gucci Marseille Jacket:

Gucci Marseille Jacket

Gucci Marseille Jacket