Gucci Ready-to-Wear Peacoat

OK, so summer didn’t happen. As per usual, we all went mad in April when we were lucky enough to get 2 or three days of sun, stocked up on shorts to match everything in our wardrobe, sprinted out to buy a new pair of Clubmasters and, to our shame, even went and had a few sunbeds to “get us on our way.”

And then nothing. Nothing but months of rain, wasted outfits and soggy espadrilles. But that’s fine. Deep down we knew the good old British summer would inevitably let us down. Which is why, I for one am committing to my winter wardrobe as of now. By the end of August, the rain will turn to full-blown storms, the Christmas window displays will already be popping up, and all of our lovely retro-inspired quiffs will be windswept until May.

So let’s at least be prepared to dress well for what will sure to be a very long winter.

With that in mind, if you make no other purchase, you’ll be buying at least one coat. If you do, and you happen to have a spare £2,160 to spend on such a luxury, you need to buy this one. Gucci’s ready-to-wear autumn/winter 2012 collection has some real moments, but nothing quite as exquisite as this peacoat.

Elegantly shaped and blissfully simple (which at times is refreshing for Gucci), it features a classic black double-cover, brown lining and detailing and a single vent, not mention ‘that’ shearling collar (it happens to be detachable, but I can’t imagine anybody would want to take it off) – this peacoat is an absolute masterpiece. With minuscule leather fringing just to give it that Gucci touch, it oozes style, but still has a youthful flamboyancy that, quite frankly, makes it nothing short of magnificent.

Every year, fashion houses create coats and jackets that surpass their predecessors, and no doubt we will see countless attempts that year that will make us pray for eternal winter. But Gucci’s effort has to be up there with the best, combing modern tailing and 1940s throwback, reminding us that rainy weather doesn’t have to be combated with a cag-in-bag.

Available now over on the Gucci website.

Gucci Ready-to-Wear Peacoat:

Gucci Ready-to-Wear Peacoat

Gucci Ready-to-Wear Peacoat