Herring Two Tone Shoes

Starting as a retailer for other English shoes companies in the 1970s, Herring began to manufacture its own shoes in the 1990s; with the aim of giving Northampton-made classic shoes a twist. Lead by Adrian Herring, the brand has since expanded and built upon its reputation within the men’s footwear market – quickly making a name for themselves as a reliable re-seller and a supplier of high-quality shoes at various price ranges.

This spring/summer 2012, the Herring two-toned brogue shoes are the perfect addition to your semi-formal/weekend wardrobe. These shoes combine a traditionally formal material, in the form of calf-leather, with at least one casual factor (suede, tweed, canvas), to produce an overall contemporary yet elegant piece of footwear. Unlike winter, the spring/summer period is all about being creative with the limited clothing you need to wear; exploring new colours, fabrics and/or textures in order to spice up your wardrobe. If that’s the spirit, then these beautifully-made shoes are a must-buy.

All of these Goodyear-welted shoes are crafted in England, with the Fencote and the Henley styles manufactured by Cheaney factory (a well-known English shoemaker). Herring also provides other traditional shoes and matching belts for the Fencote on its website.

As quoted from the man Adrian Herring himself: “The 2 most important things in life are a good bed & good shoes as you spend most of your time in one or the other.”

Herring Dartmoor:

Herring Dartmoor

Herring Fencote:

Herring Fencote

Herring Henley:

Herring Henley