H&M Fashion Against Aids Kiss Campaign

For the launch of their 5th collection for Fashion Against AIDS (set to be released April 26th 2012) H&M have come up with the innovative idea of creating a micro-site to sit alongside the range.

Set to capture the hearts of many, this interactive site is yet another way to help raise money and bring awareness to the HIV and AIDS organisation.

The micro site encourages users to upload photos of themselves whilst kissing! The photos are uploaded to a gallery, which is solely dedicated to showcasing public displays of affection for the whole world to see.

For each photo uploaded H&M will donate $1 to AIDS prevention – so this is not only a fun way to show off you PDA’s but at the same time you’ll be helping to raise money for a truly worthwhile cause!

To date there have been 2,726 photos uploaded from 74 countries around the world, which equates to… well, you do the maths.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the H&M website now to upload your kiss for a cause.

H&M Fashion Against Aids Kiss Campaign:

H&M Fashion Against Aids Kiss CampaignH&M Fashion Against Aids Kiss Campaign