Jack & Jones Premium Collection: Spring 2012

“Jack & Jones Premium is for the grown up jeans guy. The collections have an array of classic designs and a playful charming youthfulness combined with updated evergreens. Everything is made to create a relaxed feel with a unique touch and exclusive materials. The Premium guy is a self confident and innovative type. The Premium guy gets inspiration to stage his life everywhere from architecture, art and design to the movie industry and cultural events.”

As with their Jeans Intelligence collection, Jack & Jones have lived up to the claims made above. The brand’s Premium collection will appeal to those guys that love looking sharp as a knife 24/7 – and believe me, if you invest in a couple of items from this collection, sharp would be an understatement.

The styling of the premium collection is not as outgoing as the Jeans Intelligence range, with the focus firmly placed on refined classics that ooze sophistication. Even though the collection is generally casual-wear, it straddles the line between casual and formal perfectly, allowing you to create a plethora of smart-casual outfits that are perfectly suited for having drinks after work with the lads or treating the woman of your dreams to a romantic meal. All in all, the range of clothing on offer is very well rounded, allowing you to create a capsule wardrobe that will adapt to any situation that comes your way.

The range consists of a blend of smart tailoring, casual sweaters, grown up jeans and sensible shoes with a contemporary twist – making them an essential for this coming season.

One final note: who said that you have got to stick to one collection? You can easily mix and match items from the Premium collection with some from the Jeans Intelligence line. It’s your style, go out and experiment!

Key Concepts & Items:

  • Looking sharp, sophisticated and refined daily.
  • Clothing can be mixed and matched for occasion – worn anywhere, anytime.
  • Grown up jeans: No rips, harsh washes or extreme distressing.
  • Premium quality wool sweaters and cardigans.
  • Smart blazers.
  • Slim cut, tailored chinos and casual trousers.
  • Sensible shoes with a contemporary twist.
  • Finishing touches: Bow ties, pocket squares and braces add character to outfits.

Check out the full collection over at Jack and Jones.

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Jack & Jones Premium Collection: Spring 2012 Lookbook:

Jack and Jones Premium Collection Spring 2012 Lookbook

Jack and Jones Premium Collection Spring 2012 Lookbook

Jack and Jones Premium Collection Spring 2012 Lookbook

Jack and Jones Premium Collection Spring 2012 Lookbook