Jeffery West ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ Pop Up Store

To mark their 25th year, renowned British shoe brand Jeffery West will begin celebrating their quarter century success with ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ – a pop up store in the men’s shoe department of Selfridges Oxford Street.

In recent years, a mob of celebrity followers has put Jeffery West, birth child of Mark Jeffery and Guy West, in the forefront of men’s footwear: Noel Fielding, Russell Brand and the like have all stayed true to great British craftsmanship by being spotted wearing a pair of the handmade boots. Since 1987, the brand has gone from strength to strength, after the boys approached a bank manager with a twelve-piece sample range of handcrafted shoes.

Today, twentieth century subculture and pop culture have influenced each Jeffery West design, and in turn, has helped shape each Gothic inspired collection. Flamboyant designs – from leopard print Chelsea boots to burnished gold brogues – high quality leather and intricate finishing make for a timeless yet cutting-edge shoe.

In collaboration with long-running partner of Jeffery West, Sailor Jerry, the concept behind ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ honours a legendary piece of Sailor Jerry flash that harkens back to the days where sailors spent their shore leave on Honolulu’s iconic Hotel Street – made famous by its amass of bordellos.

The Jeffrey West pop up store, which runs from Tuesday 7th February right through until the 6th March, will see the work of highly respected, Northampton-based artist, Aasen Stephenson etched onto the shoe – by the man himself – of any customer who purchases a pair of Jeffery West shoes over the four week period.

Jeffery West ‘Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed’ Pop Up Store:

Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed

Stewed, Shoed and Tattooed