Jil Sander Nappa Leather Gloves

Add some minimalist style to your wardrobe this season with the Jil Sander Nappa leather gloves. Working with decidedly darker tones than last season, these gloves are an extremely versatile wardrobe accessory that can easily be incorporated into a variety of looks.

Crafted from 100% grained Nappa leather, the gloves are lined with 100% silk for extra winter warmth, not to mention the very best in comfort. They are a slip on style with a popper fastening, and require specialist cleaning should they become marked or soiled.

These gloves are an excellent choice for the autumn/winter season. They will provide an interesting contrast to the warmer tones of typical autumn couture, as well as blending in seamlessly with traditional winter blacks.

Because they are expertly fashioned from real leather, they will last several years given an adequate level of care. They are also a men’s fashion standard, guaranteed to come back year after year (because, let’s face it, who doesn’t need gloves in the British winter?) Truly a supreme example of style investment.

The Jil Sander Nappa leather gloves are available in sizes 8 and 9. They can be purchased from Selfridges, either in-store or via their website, and are priced at £270.

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Jil Sander Nappa Leather Gloves:

Jil Sander Nappa Leather Gloves