Jil Sander Python Sneakers

As we all know by now, Jil Sander has a strong infatuation with anything python. This spring/summer will of course be no exception.

Her footwear designs are always easily recognisable for their clean cut yet bold style. Often featuring prints and colours so vibrant I only dare look at them from behind the safety of a decent pair of Ray Bans.

These sneakers, or for the quintessential Brit, ‘trainers’, come in a jade green or blue colour and, as always, are made of genuine leather. They have a rubber sole and toe cap with 12 lace eyelets. The time and intricacy which must have gone into perfecting every last detail of these shoes is what makes them an outstanding piece.

A step-up from the Converse trend set to storm summer 2012, these shoes will definitely provide a statement piece for anyone looking to expand their style boundaries beyond chino shorts! If you have an amazingly paid job, or perhaps a wealthy relative, then why not pair up your python accessories with a previously featured on FashionBeans iPad case?

The sneakers come in at £570 from Jilsander.com – let’s hope that relative is a Rockefeller.

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Jil Sander Python Sneakers:

Jil Sander Python Sneakers