Joe Browns Black Authentic Russian Trapper

The weather has recently turned and Mother Nature is demanding that we dig out the winter accessories. I have tried for a while to put this off, not wanting to admit to the chilling winds and single-digit temperatures we are now subject to. The scarf was first to appear and then a pair of gloves but finally I caved and found a hat. Mother Nature had won, again.

A headwear favourite of mine is the trapper. The Ushanka (its real name) is simply a Russian fur cap with ear flaps. Infamously championed by the soviet military, it is now seen and used by forces all over the globe in a variety of colourways and materials. This authentic soviet number in black will go with everything, hit the military theme that is still trending and keep your head toasty warm all at the same time.

The pin on the front is the sort of small detail that is eye catching but not attention seeking and I’d look to partner this with a big, loose-fitting coat like a parka. Let those ear flaps dangle and allow the hat sit on your head instead of pulling it down – not only will it stop your head from getting too hot (these things really are warm) but it will also prevent your face getting lost.

Available now over at Debenhams.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

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Joe Browns Black Authentic Russian Trapper:

Joe Browns Black Authentic Russian Trapper