John Lewis Black Quilted Trapper Hat

As Will Colman recently pointed out on FashionBeans, oversized beanies are not the headwear of choice for the discerning, fashion conscious gentleman this winter. To use Coleman’s own blunt words, they will hereby be known as a “ballbag hat”.

With heritage well and truly dominating menswear this year, an excellent alternative to the (warm) beanie is the trapper hat. Eminently practical (far more so, in fact, than an oversize beanie) the ear-flaps and quilting will keep your head warm, while keeping your look both rugged and masculine.

The John Lewis black quilted trapper hat is a stand out choice this year, and will help finish off any outdoor or workwear inspired outfit effortlessly. At only £25, it is also affordable and great for those who are still slightly unsure about the style.

The faux fur detailing adds an extra layer of warmth and creates a subtle statement, while the modern quilting (crafted from acrylic and polyester) will stop you looking like an extra from Anna Karenina.

Coming in an all black colourway, it is a timeless and easy to wear choice for all men – but for those who prefer their style to stand out, it is also available in stone and purple.

Available now at John Lewis.

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John Lewis Black Quilted Trapper Hat

John Lewis Black Quilted Trapper Hat