Kenton Sorenson USA KS Pro portfolio

Seen grasped in the palms of many a style-astute man of late, the “mutch” or man clutch is fast becoming an essential accessory – the sprezzatura and charm that comes from carrying a sleek handheld receptacle for your papers and daily essentials should not be underestimated.

When selecting your folio of choice, it should be clean-cut and simple, with quality and craftsmanship the highest priority – it is an accessory to an outfit after all, not the main event. Luckily, with their recent rise in popularity, discerning gents have a number of virtuous labels to approach to meet such aesthetic demands.

Wisconsin-based brand Kenton Sorenson USA, is one of the finest sartorial endeavours to come out of Midwest America. Established by barber-turned-designer Kenton Sorenson, this niche cottage business has been in production for over two decades, and now sells its designs to exclusive retailers across the globe. The basis of Sorenson’s objectives are astutely summed-up by the company slogan: “pure leather, done simply”.

The story began when Sorenson, still working as a barber, designed and made a leather holster for his own scissors and cutting equipment; this ignited a passion for leatherwork which set the wheels in motion for Sorenson’s luxury goods enterprise.

Working exclusively with salt-cured, vegetable-tanned cattle hide, all Sorenson’s leather products are free of synthetic colours and chemicals. The skins are sourced from a specialist tannery in the Midwestern United States with an illustrious 130-year-old heritage. The leather undergoes a laborious natural treatment method, with the hide soaked in oak-bark tanning liquor for six weeks before being dried; this process makes the leather extremely robust and gives it a lush patina with the passing years.

Using traditional artisanal craft techniques, all Sorenson’s designs are made in their entirety by hand, from the cutting and stitching, to the natural beeswax finish.

Large enough to hold a laptop and your essential documents, the KS portfolio is crafted to the meticulous standards that are central to the label’s design principles. Fastened with a slim-lined elegant strap tie, it oozes quality and sophistication; and, like us menfolk, it’s destined only to improve with age.

Available now from the Kenton Sorenson USA website priced at $290.

Kenton Sorenson USA – KS Pro portfolio:

Kenton Sorenson USA - KS Pro portfolio

Kenton Sorenson USA - KS Pro portfolio

Kenton Sorenson USA - KS Pro portfolio