Lacoste Live Cotton Polo Shirts

Wimbledon will be hitting its stride this week (weather permitting) and the Pimms, strawberries and sunburn will be making us all feel very British. But before Murray mount is scaled, it’s worth noticing that French brand Lacoste L!ve are at the front of tennis leisurewear.

Their new line of printed polo shirts take something of the British sartorial approach; fusing the classic polo and the current international prints trend – creating one of the most enduringly special pieces of this season.

The traditional Lacoste polo is an unquestionable classic in the mould of the Riviera, and the manifesto of the L!ve project makes this explicit. The brand aims to be “an unexpected and cool combination of Lacoste original style and street art.” When it claims to be “in tune with today’s energy and vibes”, it makes me sorely tempted to find something deeply uncool about the brand – usually things which announce they’re “hip and edgy” are usually over fifty, male, and dancing at a wedding – but I can’t. The brand is making clothing which unites past and present, unconventionally and excitingly.

Paired alongside tailoring, the smart-casual qualities of the polo is much more pronounced – and this would be FashionBeans’ favourite option. A patterned polo with blazers, suit trousers and separates: these types of combinations are the stuff of our summer dreams, constantly unachievable because of the never ending rain.

With Lacoste having recently opened a huge store in London, there seems to be an insidious creep of French control at our most British time of the year. But I’m not too worried, they can’t exactly hide in a crowd wearing these designs.

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