Lara Bohinc Cufflinks

Another brand launching into the world of menswear this week is Slovenian accessories powerhouse; Lara Bohinc.

Having specialised in high-fashion goods for women – such as bags, jewellery and multiple other accessories – for some time now, Lara has decided to venture into the realm of men’s accessories, with her new line of cufflinks launched earlier this month.

Her jewellery is renowned for being classic and simplistic in style but not in awe of contemporary elegance. Always refined due to the quality of materials, her products are renowned throughout the fashion world. The new collection of men’s cufflinks are made entirely of silver or gold (sometimes both) and are embellished with innovative cuts of rock to complete each piece.

With the dinner party and family soiree season upon us, looking your best has never been so important. Although often overlooked, cufflinks really can make or break a formal outfit. They set the bar; branding you either a gentleman of refined taste who is not shy of going that extra mile to look and feel magnificent, or stung as the only guy who turned up with plastic buttons and a curry sauce stain on your cuff.

My personal recommendation for the season would have to be the timeless pieces in silver – not quite as ostentatious as gold and a masculine choice that will never go out of fashion.

To shop the collection, head over to the Lara Bohinc website now.

Lara Bohinc Cufflinks:

Lara Bohinc Cufflinks