Levi’s 501 Of The Month

It’s once again time for the Levi’s 501 collection of the month. These iconic jeans are most notorious for their ‘shape to fit’ trait, allowing the wearer to effectively sculpt the denim to their body after a couple of washes.

Having purchased some black 501s for myself back in 2008; they are still holding up and look as fresh as ever after every wash. This one pair of jeans has guided me safely through three trips to Leeds festival, a ‘messy’ week in Prague and an unexpected donkey ride on the beach. The durability is incontrovertible.

However, the most impressive selling point has to be the fact that you won’t see every guy sporting a quiff and some tan brogues from a vintage shop down the lane wearing them. This is because they are not skin-tight, nor made of any stretch/super-stretch material that gives any old Tom, Dick and Harry passing by the opportunity to count each individual leg hair or have a gander at your vegetarian platter (surely there can’t be any meat down there in jeans that tight).

This month’s choice sees the classic indigo straight-legs reign supreme in the top spot. With a naturally straight leg and a wax coating, you can bet these are going to look pretty awesome after a few spins in the washing machine.

For the ultimate guide in denim care check out this link – it’s a comprehensive and so-anal-it’s-actually-good explanation of how to treat your jeans.

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