Men often outgrow; it’s an idée fixe that’s been as much responsible for a change in jobs and wives as it has for suit jackets. Most recently, men laid claim to real estate that would see them emerge out of the shadows of women’s fashion weeks.

London Collections: MEN is a brand new menswear showcase central to the 2012 fashion calendar. Far too big for the boots of a single 24 hour slot, the three day event joins an informal committee of clothing aesthetes in a celebration of menswear stars, British heritage brands and international names:

“This is a fabulous initiative, and one that will undoubtedly draw even more attention towards London this year. Whether you’re involved in sport, fashion, media, retail, entertainment or tech, or indeed any industry, London is the place to be in 2012.”
Dylan Jones, Editor GQ & Chair of the Fashion 2012 Menswear Committee

Set against the backdrop of London’s Old Sorting Office, Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013 was a show to which Ronnie Wood tapped his foot, Dylan Jones nodded in approval and the industry’s most renowned editors tweeted with revelry. FashionBeans was personally invited to attend the event by none other than Topman themselves, so today we have a complete run down of the event to share exclusively with our readers…

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013: Backstage Images

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013: Backstage Images

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013: The Inspiration

“Topman Design SS13 sees the meeting of two cultural divides of early 80’s America – the tailored aesthetique of the East Coast and downtown NY – and the zowie way-out radness of the native West

Coast skater /surfer. The reversal and adaption of conventional tailoring and bold freeform graphics reminiscent of the freehand energy of Basquiat come together to create a young rebellious up beat collection for SS13.

Traditional Prince of Wales check suiting fabric is shot with fluorescent orange thread and worked into loose fit pleat front turn-up shorts, loose fit cut off jumpsuits and low shoulder jackets which are broken up and worn with oversized white T’s, and silk scribble graphic shorts, open shirts, yoked macs and parachute silk parkas.

Scoop neck sport style shirts are re-worked in sheer organza, again worn with loose fitting pleat front shorts. Over-sized mesh tops in block colour fluoros and brights are paired with co-ordinating knee-length shorts and worn with technicolour trainers with colour blotted rubber soles.

Laser-cutting lends itself throughout the collection replacing pinstripes on loose fitting block colour jackets and short, oversized mesh holes on jackets and suiting as well as soft suede belted bombers – while Loose gauge degradé knitted jumpers are worn long under matching cardigans and paired with printed pleat shorts.

Neoprene runs throughout appearing underneath shorts as wetsuit shorties and as panelling alongside leather in major statement oversized vivid rucksacks. Footwear is extreme – crazy bright trainers or ankle-laced leather cut out brogues in black, white or tangerine.”

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013: Catwalk Images

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013: Catwalk images


Our menswear middleman, FashionBeans’ assistant editor Luke Todd, spoke exclusively to the front row of London’s cultural elite to gauge reactions to on-point ankle grazers, non-conformist tailoring and rather fitting oversizing. Here is what they had to say about the collection:

David Gandy: British Model:

“The show was a bit of an eye opener actually, not what I expected. It was kind of a bit of a 80s throwback, I’m a 80s child so it’s nice to see all the colours back and the vibrancy. There was a lot of sport influence with the American jerseys, which I loved.

This week should have come along quite a few years ago but it’s almost like the perfect time now with all eyes on Britain, it’s really quite an international event. I don’t believe in trends whatsoever and I think that’s where a lot of people go wrong; men try and follow trends and whatever’s coming off the catwalk they try. You have your own influence, your own inspiration.”

Reggie Yates: Actor, Television Presenter & Radio DJ:

“I’m a big style guy; I don’t really jump on trends. So as for the collection, I look out for pieces that speak to me as an individual. The fact that we’ve moved on from fashion week shows that British men have become a lot more conscious about what they wear.”

@REGYATES #LondonCollections starts here! Three days of great clothing and alotta posing.

Nick Grimshaw: Television & Radio Presenter:

“Even though they’re not a designer, when people ask, “Who is your favourite designer?” I always say Topman; they always get it right. Last year there were the pyjamas, not for me, but still quite fun to watch.

I can’t predict a fashion trend but British style is always quite nice in the sense that it’s eclectic; it’s the backbone of the quintessential British gentleman. When you go to Paris, everyone’s in black but New York and London is always fun.”

Darren Kennedy: TV Presenter, Irish Independent Contributor & Founder Of

“I have to be honest, I really loved the neon, fluor vibe; I just thought that was fun, fresh and great for summer.

I enjoyed the more casual, relaxed suiting, the brights against the marl grey, interesting fabrics especially with the laser cutting. There were a few fun blazers and short suits that I really liked. But, a lot of the cycling shorts, the more sporty elements, for me personally did nothing. I appreciate them and I can see they’re going to hit a particular market and you know what, that’s the purpose of these shows.

Overall, I thought it was a good, strong show. I think the whole concept of London Collections is fantastic. It’s a statement to the world that this is where it’s happening. It’s a bold statement.”

Other celebrity attendees included: Alex Chung, Ronnie Wood, Henry Conway, The Noisettes, Jack Fox & Sam Sparro.

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013: Celebs in Attendance

Topman Design Spring/Summer 2013: Show Video

For those that missed it, you can watch the full showcase below:

So guys, what did you think of the collection? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below…