L’Oreal Men Expert Launch Hydra Energetic

The recent patch of changeable weather we have been experiencing here in the UK means we need to layer up and adapt our wardrobe on a daily basis – not to mention carry an umbrella everywhere – but we often give little thought about the impact this indecisive weather can have on our skin. Our skin is constantly under attack from aggressive conditions and, quite frankly, it’s time to fight back.

Just in time, L’Oreal has given us the weapon to banish uncomfortable tight skin and prevail with suppleness usually only reserved for bottoms of babies. The new formula is designed to focus on two key areas: first, it intensively moisturises for 24 hours and second, it helps skin ward of ‘external aggression’ (that’s the science bit) such as wind and rain. Perfect for the current predicament we find ourselves in now.

So whilst we keep our fingers crossed for summer to arrive, we can rest safe in the knowledge that our face can have that soft, summer look without the need to flee the country.

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic launches early August 2012.

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L’Oreal Men Expert Launch Hydra Energetic:

L’Oreal Men Expert Launch Hydra Energetic