Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Backpack

For luxury travel, there has only ever been one name that matters – and that name is Louis Vuitton. For their spring/summer 2012 line-up, one of the stand out pieces in the collection is the white backpack showcased below.

The bag is sleek and stylish, with a happy lack of pointless side-pockets. Instead of zips, more traditional belt buckles are used – giving a vintage safari look while retaining the minimalist design popular of today. Although it is a luxury travel accessory, the bag retains the practicality required of the modern traveller, being constructed in a sturdy mix of leathers, canvas and nylon. It is also large in size and comes with a fold down top, so is guaranteed to keep all your vacation items safe and secure while gracing your back with Louis Vuitton’s world-class craftsmanship.

To add further stylish flair, there is the application of the Louis Vuitton monogram. The contrast of colour tones – white, black and beige – mean this piece of travel equipment will have you standing out from the crowd; regardless of whether it is on a cruise, an adventure holiday, or a first class airport lounge.

Mixing the practical with the fashionable has been at the heart of Louis Vuitton’s operations ever since the company’s foundation in 1854. Named for the founder, many products still contain the ubiquitous “LV” logo, which is treated with such reverence that it is never broken or stitched over. If it is, your Louis Vuitton product is a fake.

So don’t be fooled, and set of on your travels in style this summer with the new LV backpack.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Backpack:

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Backpack