Luis Morais Jewellery at Selfridges

In the world of menswear, there has been a long-standing debate on the value of men’s jewellery (or mewellery as it is often referred to), with some purists decreeing that it is not gentlemanly to wear jewellery and it should be left to the fairer sex.

However, here at FashionBeans, we like to let our readers make up their own mind and place no bias in our reporting. On that note, department store giants Selfridges have recently bought into the luxury men’s jewellery brand Luis Morais, stocking his pieces at their London Oxford Street store.

Selfridges also caught up with the Brazilian-born designer to talk us through his design aesthetic and latest collection. The self-confessed bracelet addict gave his advice for those wanting to edge their way into becoming a mewellery wearer, saying: ‘start with bracelets, and do one at a time. You’re going to be adding up, and as you go on you will become more and more addicted to it’. And according to Morais, there is nothing chicer than a man wearing a suit with beaded bracelets.

Speaking of bracelets, the collection focuses on creating interesting and unusual juxtapositions between expensive and inexpensive, and organic and man-made materials. This mixture creates for unique pieces that can range in price from £150-£1200 depending on the materials used. His most expensive piece is crafted from 14 karat white gold, whilst glass beads make up the less expensive bracelets.

For fans of men’s jewellery or those that like to pay particular attention to craft and materials, this collection is ideal. Available online at

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Luis Morais Talks To Selfridges

Luis Morais Jewellery at Selfridges:

Luis Morais Jewellery